Tuesday, 5 February 2013

To Run Android Apps In Laptop "Bluestacks"An EasySolution

Hi Friends,
     Most of the friends don't know how to play android games in laptops....Today I have a solution ie, Bluestacks Technology....I have used it and some screenshots are given below and a you can see i am using bunny shooter which is an android application..

 It also allows full screen state.....Other applications like eclipse and virtual box are hard to use in the mean time we can use almost all the android apps in bluestack.....All the .apk file in the system can directly inserted into bluestack just by clicking on it......Go launcher is also supported in bluestack...For our day to day uses I prefer bluestack.....Bluestack generally is a multi-OS runtime with breakthrough virtualization technology. Apps developed for different operating systems can execute simultaneously, side-by-side, on the same computer.Bluestack is available for both mac(beta and for windows(XP/7/8)..................

The link to download blue stack is http://www.bluestacks.com/

Download the software and enjoy.......