13. Daily Wallpapers

15 best Windows 8 apps
Windows 8 comes with some attractive and eye-catching images for the lock screen, but let's be realistic - you'll be bored with them before long. And that's where Daily Wallpapers comes in. This app can customise your system with images found in local folders, on Facebook, SkyDrive, or perhaps that you've just taken with the system's camera (if you have one).
The real fun is to be had in the "Today's Wall" and "Trending Images" sections, though, where you can browse a host of gorgeous images (with new examples added every day), and set up your favourite to be displayed on the lock screen.
And many of the images are so beautiful that you can waste plenty of time just browsing them in Slideshow mode (although the ads sometimes spoil the atmosphere, since they can be a little intrusive).

14. Wikipedia

15 best Windows 8 apps
While it's a fabulous website, packed with essential information, Wikipedia has never quite looked as glossy as the best print encyclopaedias. But the Windows 8 app changes all that.
Launch it and gorgeous "featured pictures" catch your eye immediately, for instance. Clicking any of these drills down to the relevant article, carefully formatted for better display on mobile devices.
Scroll to the right and you'll find a similar set of "featured articles", a collection of events that happened "on this day" and links to recently changed pages, all useful as starting points for browsing. But best of all, once the app is installed, you can search Wikipedia at any time from the regular Windows 8 Search tool. And you just know that's going to be very useful indeed.

15. SnagFilms

15 best Windows 8 apps
There's nothing on TV. Again. Annoying, but it doesn't have to be a problem - not if you've installed the SnagFilms app. This simple tool provides on-demand access to thousands of independent films, for free, whenever and wherever you want (as long as your internet connection is up to it, anyway).
Start by browsing the site's categories - Thriller, Comedy, Drama, Family Friendly, Science and Nature and more - and you'll find all kinds of offerings, from obscure shorts to major pictures with big Hollywood names.
And you can then read more details about the movie, add it to your own movie library, or start watching in just a click or two.

16. Skype

Skype for Windows 8
Following Microsoft's acquisition of Skype, it's a bit of a no brainer that the world's leading internet calling software would arrive on Windows 8 sporting a new interface that compliments Windows 8's distinctive look.
Skype's integration with Windows 8 isn't just cosmetic though, as a lot of effort has been put into making sure that the app takes full advantage of Windows 8's new features. One of the most useful features is that Skype will run in the background, even if the PC is locked or the app has been closed down. This means that you don't have to worry about missing important calls. Microsoft has also worked hard on minimising the Skype app's impact on battery life, especially when running in the background, making this easily one of the most useful apps for Windows 8.

17. Norton Studio

Norton for Windows 8
Norton Studio is a free app that's been created to make protecting your Windows 8 device as quick and easy as possible. Of course, there's one proviso; you need to be running Norton AntiVirus or Norton 360 as your primary antivirus protection software. That's not particularly a bad thing though, as Symantec has worked hard on making sure that its Norton products and Windows 8 work brilliantly together. In third-party tests Norton products on Windows 8 perform 50 per cent faster than the built in Windows Defender software. It has also been able to pick up threats and viruses that Windows Defender has missed.
Norton Studio fits into Windows 8 very well, with at a glance security status updates and quick access to additional features, all from within Windows 8's modern user interface. If you have other devices that are covered by your Norton subscription then you can easily update, renew and check on their protection status as well.

18. Shazam

Shazam for Windows 8
If you've ever wanted to know the name of a song when it's played over the radio or during an advert, then you'll love the Shazam service, which has just launched a Windows 8 app. It uses some pretty clever technology to record and analyse the song that's playing (via your device's microphone) and then searches for a match. You can then explore more music by the artist, as well as buy and download tracks straight to your device. The Shazam Windows 8 app includes social sharing features that let you share music you've found with friends over Facebook and Twitter. You can also bring up lyrics to a song with a simple touch of a button, as well as view music reviews and biographies. The app looks great in Windows 8 and is easy to use, and there are hints of close integration with Windows Phone 8 in the near future as well.

19. Netflix

Netflix for Windows 8
The Netflix app for Windows 8 is one of those apps that's going to turn your Windows 8 device from a gadget you occasionally play around with to one that is barely ever out of your hands. It brings Netflix's huge library of movies and TV shows on demand to Windows 8 in an elegant and attractive interface that has been purposely designed for touch interfaces. For example you can get a better view of Netflix's catalogue by 'pinching' your fingers on the screen to zoom out. It's a little feature but it adds a lot to the overall feel of Netflix on a touchscreen device.
A more crucial feature of the Netflix app is that it has been made as efficient as possible in order to get the best battery life possible from your device, so hopefully you won't have to pause for a recharge during an epic movie or Breaking Bad marathon.

20. 7digital

7Digital for Windows 8
The 7digital app was one of the first apps to go live in Windows 8, appearing in the preview version of the new operating system a couple of months before Windows 8 even launched, and it fitted in well from the start. With a store that contains around 20 million songs, it's a music service that has something for everyone. If you're already a customer with 7digital you can import your collection to your Windows 8 device with ease. All tracks are DRM free, which means you can easily copy your purchased music to any of your devices without any problems, as well as using the cloud to synchronise your library. Before you buy you can preview 30 seconds of any track to make sure you get the song you're after. It's a versatile music service with a huge amount of variety, all wrapped up in a great Windows 8 app.

21. National Rail Enquiries

National Rail Enquiries
You can avoid a lot of the stress of travelling by train with this great Windows 8 app. You can quickly use the National Rail Enquiries app to find out when the next train home is with a single touch of a button, as well as booking tickets and getting the best fares. This app integrates with your device's location services so it can locate the closest station to where you are, without you needing to type in anything. When the app is pinned to your Start screen it's live tile will update with any service announcements as well. If you travel a lot by train, then this is an essential app.

22. Sky News

Sky News
The Sky News app brings breaking news to your Windows 8 device. While the bulk of the news is text-based, embedded video helps to bring more background details and analysis to the stories. There are various categories, including breaking news, making it easy to navigate the app and find the news stories that you want. You can also watch live streaming video from the Sky News channel straight from the app, as well as videos for the weather and a three-minute catch-up video that brings you the latest headlines. Overall this is an excellent app, which gives you the latest news from a well trusted source.

23. Star Chart

Star Chart
Star Chart is a fantastic education and reference app that lets you explore the night sky and our solar system with your Windows 8 device. Whilst you can use it on a desktop PC or all-in-one, a Windows 8 tablet is preferable. The Star Chart uses the tablet's GPS to pin point your position, so you can point your tablet towards a part of the sky you want to find out about and the Star Chart will name everything that's above you. If you don't have a tablet or GPS, never fear, as you can navigate around the sky by touch or using your mouse and keyboard.
Exploring the sky is incredibly simple, and if you select a star, constellation, satellite or planet you'll be given even more in depth information, as well as photographs from telescopes.

24. Violet Storm

Violet Storm
You don't always need a story to have fun. You don't need protagonists or peril or redemption. Sometimes a big spaceship, an unlimited supply of laser bullets and eye-popping graphics are enough. Violet Storm obliges with a wireframe grid of two-dimensional warfare, putting fun and form on the same pedestal. It's roots are pure arcade, and with the classic game Asteroids an obvious inspiration. It soon proves to be so much more, though, with addictive gameplay and fantastic visuals. Windows 8's games library is constantly expanding, but Violet Storm remains one of the best games for the new operating system.

25. MTV News

MTV News
News doesn't always have to be all doom and gloom. Sometimes we just want to know which superstar is dating another mega famous celebrity, or who's got a new film out. The MTV News app is a great place to get all the celebrity gossip, along with photos and videos of the biggest entertainment stories of the moment.
MTV is well known in the entertainment industry, so you can expect excellent exclusives that you won't get anywhere else, as well as interviews with some of the most famous people in the world. Make sure you're kept in the loop with this great app.