Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The best site for sharing file for blogs


Hi Guys,
               Today I am going to tell you about how to add files to your blog with free links which can be downloaded directly using single download link, there are lot of free file storing and sharing cloud servers today. I am going to give links to the free hosting websites and tricks in those hosting site to add more than the limit..

  1. Basic Thing for this is an email address which can be created even without giving all the info like mob no, recovery email address you can even make more than 100 accounts and manipulate those accounts at different time. A sample can also be used in yahoo too.
  2.  The secondary thing is that you have to use drop box for this manipulation process to complete.

3.      The third thing is that you have to do is that right click on the drop box icon in the Quick   
Launch bar and go to
Preferences>Account>Unlink This Computer > then add your new email address…
4.     Friends you can also use Google account for this then you will get double bonus ie.5 GB capacity of Google Drive and 2 GB free capacity of drop box, that will give you a cloud storage and sharing space of 7 GB ie you can upload a lot lavishly into your blog or any other sites. You can also share the files for public in Google Drive
Note These Readers Keep Your Personal Log For All The Accounts You Are Creating.