Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Cloud Computing Site For Torrent And Youtube

Hi Guys,
                 Today I am going to tell you about cloud sites which allows to download
  1. Torrent
  2. You Tube 
Torrent- "zbigz"
ZBigZ is a website which allows the user to add the .torrent file to the website and allows to download it afterwards. Resuming option is also available.

 You can also have an account in the site and you can download two files simultaneously.  For free users the maximum speed is 250 KB/SEC and for premium users the speed is unlimited. For the people who wants to download torrents without getting blocked by firewall can use this cloud server.
The site has also a speciality that if no of files in the torrent is more than one then the torrent will be in zipped format so no firewall can ever block the torrent...

For visiting this website go to: http://www.zbigz.com/

 Youtube- "PushpSaVera"

Download you tube video is now very simple. YouTube video download is possible in many formats. So download you tube video in 3gp, mp4, flv and Webm formats.
Download you tube vidos in Full HD (1080p), HD (720p) high quality and envn download in low quality as per your requirement.

How to download youtube video :
To Download video of youtube, simply copy youtube url / address bar text of youtube page and paste in blow textbox and click download button then you will get the various types of youtube video download quality formats. Choose any format option and download.

For visiting this website go to: www.pushpsavera.com/