Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Opera Mini: The Best Browser For Getting Maximum Speed

 Hi Guys,              You all know why opera mini is much faster opera mobile and opera browser. Opera mini works in a compression mode.Opera Mini always uses Opera’s advanced server compression technology to compress web content before it gets to a device. The rendering engine is on Opera’s server.But Opera Mobile’s capabilities provide a higher fidelity browsing experience and is ideal when on Wi-Fi or unlimited wireless broadband. With Opera Mini, the assistance of servers make browsing lightning fast and also much cheaper if you are paying per megabyte. Many users use Opera

Mobile when on Wi-Fi and Opera Mini when on the move.If we are using an institutes WiFi with proxy and port we can use opera mini and we can become undetectable because when we are using opera mini we are using compression servers IP instead of Facebook so it works as a proxy server.The compression servers cant be blocked so we can browse internet freely.
Even if we use WiFi we can use compression server in opera mini. |That is a big thing done by opera .
For more reference go to website: http://www.opera.com/mobile/specs/