Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Dear Readers,
                      Nokia one of the company which was taken over by Microsoft is also going to step ther foot in Android market. The sources conform that the prototype of Nokia was leaked. Twitter user EVLeaks has released screenshots detailing the customized UI of the upcoming Android-powered phone online. Earlier, it had released press renders of the model, while other sources had leaked live photos of the phone. The hardware of Nokia is incomparable with others. 

During the time of pre-ownership of the company Nokia always says no to Android. The experts are thrilled to see the new model of Nokia which is going to be a revolution in the world of Mobile market.The UI appears to be a mix of Asha and Windows Phone elements, with hardware support for dual SIM. It's still unknown whether Nokia’s Android device will ever be released; while the company has been testing it as a low-end option in its device range, Microsoft’s Nokia acquisition leaves the project in limbo. The Verge previously reported that Nokia’s “Normandy" device uses a special forked variant of Android that’s not aligned with Google’s own version. Microsoft is expected to close its Nokia deal in the coming months, at which time we’ll likely learn Normandy’s fate. The Nokia's new venture when their one of the famous phones "Nokia LUMIA" is at the verge of sales we have to wait and see the entry of Nokia in android market.